Georgia Curriculum Ideas

There are traditional homeschool programs  which require you to pay for their curriculum and resources such as Griggs University & International Academy ( and A Beka Book Homeschool ( ) to name a few but there are other options that are even more inexpensive and/or free.  Check out the Rainbow Resource Center for more suggestions. It is by far the most comprehensive center which offers a review on almost ALL the homeschool curriculum out there.  You may even email them and ask for a free catalog to be shipped to your home.  It is thicker than the Bible.... I kid you not.

Public Virtual Charter Schools

If you did not mind the curriculum of the public schools but wanted a better environment  and more rigor, you might want to consider the public virtual charter schools available.  Please note that public virtual charter schools are only similar to homeschooling  with the fact that your child is learning at home.  In elementary you will have flexibility but as your child enters middle school and high school it becomes more important to stick to the pace of the teacher as high stakes testing become more important.  You do not get the pick and choose what you will or will not teach your child as they are tested on everything.  Please keep this in mind as you choose your  homeschooling program. Some examples of public charter schools include the following:

Low Cost Online Programs

 If you like to pick and choose what you want to do and don't mind doing things online here are some programs that I have grown fond of because it has a low one time fee for the year or is completely free.
  • Time 4 Learning - - has curriculum for Pre-K to High School and costs from $20 per month for elementary to $30 per month for high school.  This is the best deal I have found for a complete curriculum.  If you use them tell them Andrea Hall sent you!
  • Starfall- - has curriculum for pre-K to first grade and only costs $30 for the YEAR (they also have FREE stuff!)
  • Study Island - has curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade and only cost $59 for elementary school.
  • Georgia Virtual School Open Education Resource- has curriculum for middle school and high school FREE of charge.

Curriculum Guidance

So you decided to do it on your own but you just want to know where your child should be compared to other students in the public school.  Check out these websites for curriculum guidance by grade level and subject.

Worldbook Typical Course of Study - 
All Georgia Curriculum Standards -
Georgia Mathematics Educator Forum: Grades K-5 -
Georgia Mathematics Educator Forum: Grades 6-8 -
Georgia English Language Arts Educator Forum: Grades K-5 -
Georgia English Language Arts Educator Forum: Grades 6-8 -

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